My Thoughts

Alrighty, let’s see if I can gain (a) follower(s) today again!

Next goal: 50 followers

Blogging starts now, let’s gooooooooo!!

Binaural Beats

Read video description before listening!

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Alright, this is really the last post XD!
I hope that the reset password glitch is gone! It was annoying. Luckily we have the Alt + Reblog option :)

In other news, I’m slowly reaching my 1000th post. If anyone has a nice something that I could upload for my 1000th post, please submit that to me :)

I’ll also show you my Blog Statistics, for the ones who are interested

And I would also like to thank you for the liking/reblogging the last couple of days, that was quite a success for me ^^, although I didn’t gained any followers. But I still really appreciate it. Will upload some stuff that I have on my PC tomorrow!

I’m going to nap now, see you later! 

Balls of steel! (Link)

These people have balls of steel!