My Thoughts

Freaking seventeen year old about to drive a F1 car, and here am I, aged twenty, being a lazy fuck. But awesome to hear to have another Dutchman racing in Formula 1! Max is super talented. He’ll show he’s good enough already

Does anyone know a website where I can re-watch the qualification of the Austrian Grand Prix?

And a penalty for Maldonado, that’s no surprise anymore

How quickly did this Formula 1 season change from “The New Turbo Engines” to “The Fugly Front Wing Noses”. Guess this season will forever be remembered as the season with the ugly noses

The FIA has gone too far with these new bullshit regulations.

Hulkenberg really surprised me with his 3rd place in qualifications. Hope he can keep up some pace tomorrow, wanna see him score points :)

Lunch is ready, tea is ready, TV switched on BBC, rain in Spa.

I’m ready for the qualification :)!

Holy shit that was a hell of a race!

Van der Garde to qualification 2… WHAT THE FUCK =D?!

I just realize that the 25th of April is the birthday of Felipe Massa, Giedo van der Garde AND Jean-√Čric Vergne. Damn what a coincidence!

Happy birthday to all of them!

Team orders really fucked this Grand Prix up..

I woke up at 07:00 to see the first Formula 1 qualification of this season. 1 hour and 50 minutes I still don’t know how the grid looks like xD! Q2 and Q3 delayed until tomorrow 11:00 Australian time.

I’m off to bed!