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"I’m comfortable with the unknown—that’s the point of science. There are places out there, billions of places out there, that we know nothing about. And the fact that we know nothing about them excites me, and I want to go out and find out about them. And that’s what science is. So I think if you’re not comfortable with the unknown, then it’s difficult to be a scientist… I don’t need an answer. I don’t need answers to everything. I want to have answers to find."
Physicist Brian Cox (via quietused)

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Brian Cox: 'Multiverse' makes sense


The presenter and physicist Brian Cox says he supports the idea that many universes can exist at the same time.

The idea may sound far-fetched but the “many worlds” concept is the subject of serious debate among physicists.

"The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a couple of tunes."
Bill Hicks (“Drugs Have Done Good Things” in Relentless)

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